Ashby Shoots

Le Petit Tour

'Le Petit Tour' is a continuous project that came about from a desire to find cycling figures that I'd seen in shop windows whilst on holiday in France in the 1980's as a child. I spied the classic 'Flandriens' figurines in Belgium and became addicted to them.  Classic teams were snapped up in Gent and Brussels and I set about shooting the series of photographs that became 'Le Petit Tour'.  I've photographed mini stages in various locations including Gent, Norwich, Manchester, London and Morecambe. Everywhere I travel, the little riders are in tow. 

Cycling for me is pure escapism and I want the images to have a sense of surreal possibility about them.  I want the viewer to feel like a breakaway of 3 inch riders could actually happen, that they'd slipped out at 8 am and taken off with nobody noticing.

Limited edition A3 prints can be bought from the Ashby Shoots online store here

2017-08-09 LPT Cascais PRPS A3 16.jpg
2017-08-09 LPT Cascais SM A3 24.jpg
2017-08-09 LPT Cascais SM A3 28.jpg
2017-08-09 LPT Cascais SM A3 18.jpg
2017-08-09 LPT Cascais SM A3 35.jpg
2017-09-07LPTUEA-SM 28.jpg
2017 - May LPT Bar Italia  -SM.jpg
2017LPT-LondonSoho-SM 5.jpg
2017LPT-LondonSoho-SM 9.jpg
2017LPT-LondonSoho-SMA3 3.jpg
LPT-ManchesterFeb2017SM 5.jpg
LPT-ManchesterFeb2017SM 10.jpg
2017-19-07 LPTSoho&StJamesParkA3-SM.jpg