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Le Petit Tour

'Le Petit Tour' is a continuous project that came about from a desire to find cycling figures that I'd seen in shop windows whilst on holiday in France in the 1980's as a child. I spied the classic 'The Original Flandriens' figurines in Belgium and became addicted to them.  Classic teams were snapped up in Gent and Brussels and I set about shooting the series of photographs that became 'Le Petit Tour'.  I've photographed mini stages in various locations including Gent, Norwich, Manchester, London, Cascais, Munich and Morecambe.

Cycling for me is pure escapism and I want the images to have a sense of surreal possibility about them.  I want the viewer to feel like a breakaway of 3 inch riders could actually happen, that they'd slipped out at 8 am and taken off with nobody noticing.

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2017-08-09 LPT Cascais SM A3 28.jpg
2017 - LPT Norwich UEA  - PSDoneSM.jpg
2017-09-07LPTUEA-PR 28A3SM.jpg
2018-28-01 LPT Munich SM.jpg
2018-01-02 LPT Birdcage SM.jpg
2017LPT-LondonSoho-SMA3 4.jpg