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Good Guy Films

Script writers Richard Kattan and Jonathan Davenport asked me to take a series of images for their production company Good Guy Films.  Being a creative partnership and close friends they have an energy that bounces from one to the other.  I met them in London at a cinema (naturally!) and we talked about their work and what inspires their writing, how they fuel their ideas.  We wanted a relaxed shoot to get across their individual and collective personalities.  We chose a few locations in Pimlico finishing up at The Regency Cafe, of Lock Stock and Layer Cake fame.  Breakfast was the wrap of the shoot!  

2017-28-06GoodGuyFilmsSMFinished 9.jpg
2017-28-06GoodGuyFilms-WEB 17.jpg
2017-28-06GoodGuyFilms-WEB 20.jpg
2017-28-06GoodGuyFilms-WEB 10.jpg
2017-28-06GoodGuyFilms-WEB 4.jpg
2017-28-06GoodGuyFilms-WEB 2.jpg
2017-28-06GoodGuyFilms-WEB 48.jpg
2017-28-06GoodGuyFilmsSMFinished 6.jpg