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72 Films (Unit Stills) - WW1: The Final Hours

72 Films are an independent production company founded by David Glover and Mark Raphael, two of the most highly lauded and inspirational figures from the world of TV production. They specialise in specialist factual programmes and documentaries, producing series and single shows for the likes of Channel 4, the BBC and Netflix. I was approached by them to take unit stills on a docudrama production based on the armistice of 1918, being filmed at an old RAF base in North Norfolk. It was a pleasure working with such a great crew. The Director Chris Durlacher and DOP Michael Timney were fantastic to observe and work with and the actors Pip Donaghy, David Bark-Jones and Chris Rogers playing the central characters of Foch, Wemyss and Erzberger sublimely re-enacted the events of 1918. From a stills point of view my only aim was to capture truth, character and intensity from the actors and the set. The train carriage and scenes were superbly crafted and it was important to convey that sense of time, location and historical importance in the images.

All images copyright - 72Films/Mark Ashby

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